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• Right now, as you are enjoying your morning coffees or hot chocolates, Beyoncé might be howling in excruciating pain, as reports are coming in that she is in labor this morning at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in NYC , for real this time.According to Global Grind she officially checked in last night, and is delivering her baby girl right now! We’re still not sure if this is true, BUT we hope she has a smooth (and quick!) labor! (Global Grind)• You’d think Saks shoppers would browse their annual post holiday shoe sale with the grace and discretion of one Phaedra Parks, but “everybody knows” a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps for 60% off is enough to turn any lady into a shoe-grubbing beast. Check out this video of frenzied shoppers grabbing all the designer heels they can fit into their arms. (Jezebel)• Brad Goreski continues to make a name for himself , this time as the official brand stylist for Kate Spade‘s ready-to-wear line. Mr. Goreski will style press events, fashion presentations, ad campaigns, and e-commerce shoots for the brand over the next two years.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with! (WWD)Claire sipping vino at Missoni on Fashion’s Night Out• The New York Times discusses the increasing rate at which people are shopping under the influence. With the ability to shop from the comfort of your bedroom, or while you’re fiddling around with your phone in a bar, more and more people are drunk shopping, and online retailers are, of course, taking advantage: “Post-bar, inhibitions can be impacted, and that can cause shopping, and hopefully healthy impulse buying.” Anything to boost the economy. Even if you can’t remember after you do it. (NYT)• Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel responds to past claims of sexual abuse with former employees in Flaunt magazine, saying these accusations are getting in the way of his genius: “The problem with me is that my personal sexuality, or whatever, has been used against me, and it’s taken away from our ideas. It’s like a great gay guy had fantastic ideas, it’s 1964 and everybody’s like, ‘Geez, geez, he screws guys in the asshole.’ Yeah, he screws guys in the ass…so what? I like to fool around with girls. Get over it.” Maybe stop fooling around with young girls, and then we can get over it. (Fashionista)~Jihan

• Selita Ebanks revealed to The Cut last night that she plans to launch a swimwear line. She said, “I just feel like a woman should be able to go from the pool, the yacht, the beach, straight to dinner with her boo and still be fabulous and chic.” I, too, love to soak my swimsuit in chlorine, roll around in sand, and walk into a fancy restaurant without having showered. (The Cut)• The Antelope is the newest toning shoe to promise a workout while you wear them. The pump features a concave heel with a spring to mimic the feeling of walking on an unstable surface, so your muscles work harder to maintain balance. Antelope shoemakers claim the heel, if worn every day for a month, will make the wearer lose a dress size. Would you wear these? (Daily Mail)• 11-year-old Willow Smith has a new look: the young pop star shaved her head. If anything, it’ll make it easier to slip on those wigs Nicki Minaj has been giving her. (Hello Beautiful)• In addition to several gorgeous Asian models, Victoria Beckham also has a cover for this month’s i-D magazine (Huff Post)• Who would have thought weird ’80s music and a pool party would get me even more excited for the March 8th release of the Marni for H&M collab? Check out the official commercial, directed by Sofia Coppola. (H&M Youtube)~Jihan

Hey Hey!So Jihan and I are out all day at a super secret photo shoot. I’m not sure yet if I can tell you what it is, but if I get clearance, I’ll be tweeting it up! I’m out all day at an alter ego shoot shot by photographer Derek Blanks for Essence Magazine!! The shoot is scheduled to take alll day long, which means Mail Bombs are getting solved…nowish.Let’s do it to it.First up Mo says, “Where can I find the shoes Zoe Saldana is wearing in this picture?”“… The thin heel and ankle strap are hot.”The perennially chic Saldana paired this Rena Lange Spring 2012 dress…With a $845 pair of Christian Louboutin Vicky Jane Ankle Strap Pumps:The pumps look like they have a slim heel, but I think it’s an optical illusion created by the red sole blending in with the red carpet. At any rate, if you’re still into them, get them here.Akilah from Toronto says, “I saw First Lady Michelle Obama wearing this gorgeous coat during the recent White House Christmas tree lighting festivities.”“… Could you tell me who the designer is and the approximate cost? Love it!”According to the blog, Michelle wore a wool and silk boucle coat by Duro Olowu from the designer’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection:Go’on head and support those black designers, Mrs. O! The coat’s price is not available on Olowu’s website, though you can inquire at writes, “Could you please tell me who designed this leather jacket.”Hey! Not sure of the exact designer, but we found a few options that came close. Check it:More Yves Saint Laurent…Cherelle says, “I saw a post of Melanie Fiona in a recent spread in YRB Magazine.”“… I wanted to know who makes this attached dress, its cost and possible cheaper options. I don’t know but I can so see me wearing this come New Year’s Eve.”I’m not sure of the exact make, but you know a good way to find out? Buy the upcoming issue of YRB and check the credits. Magazines always list things like this. Getting a similar look is just as simple. Check out these options:More Laundry by Shelli Segal…In an e-mail titled, “I’VE PULLED MY HAIR OUT OVER THESE JEANS,“Shantae Shantae screams, “CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHO MAKES THESE JEANS; OR MADE THESE JEANS THAT DEREK J HAS ON IN THIS PHOTO”“… @ OK! Magazine’s Hollywood Sexy Singles Party??????????”Derek J hit us up on Twitter and indicated his jeans were by Joe’s. I haven’t been able to find anything similar, so my guess is he bedazzled them on his own.In a wardrobe query, Michelle says, “I bought this dress from for New Years Eve (which I discovered on this site and is now my favorite go to for unique styles).”“… I am not sure what type of shoes to wear with this. Please help!”Hey! Glad we introduced you to Lulus! For New Years, I’d say to pick up on the dress’s metallic accents with a pair of metallic shoes. Play with fun textures like glitter to really pop. Kelly Rowland shows how well purple and silver goes together:Update your look for winter in closed toe pumps with skin toned hose:More Nine West…Lastly, avid reader Zimbabwechic says, “So my fiance and I are eloping in less than 3 weeks, yay! I have a conventional wedding dress but we decided to do what makes us happy and I am now looking for a red or blue dress that will knock his socks off. Do you have any ideas on which direction I can go bearing in my mind my time is limited and I am a curvy pear-shaped lady lol.”Congrats on your wedding! It’s hard for me to give you an answer without really knowing what you’re looking for. By unconventional, do you just mean the color? Or do you want something short and saucy as well? I cruised on and found the following full on wedding dresses in red and blue by brands like,, and those ‘too much’? Leave a comment and let me know a few more details. And readers, if you have suggestions as well, let ‘er rip.Visit the websites listed for the above options, or cruise for a dress that speaks to you. Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for today. I’m running into the city to shoot this spread. Stay tuned to the blog for the lowdown, this one’s gonna be fun!Smootches!

It’s officially spring and while our wardrobes might be pumped with the change, our skin on the other hand may not. A change in season means a change in products and how you treat your largest organ. So to help combat against any seasonal disruptions to your skin’s mojo, here’s five products to try right now…1. Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Collection ($169 or $25 for the brush head if you already own a Clarisonic). Acne is the biggest villain come season change. This latest from the super effective Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System (they get the skin six times more clean than manual cleansing allowing your skincare products to penetrate the skin better therefore becoming more effective) comes in an easy to carry travel size and the brush has two speeds allowing you to customize your cleansing experience. The kit also comes with the Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser which contains salicylic acid, a less drying acne fighter perfect for combating adult acne.Get it here.2. Alpha Hydrox Spotlight Skin Lightener ($8.06). For women of color, often times with acne or any irritation to the skin comes pesky dark spots. This inexpensive yet super effective cream uses 10% glycolic acid (exfoliates), 2% hydroquinone (fades dark spots), and vitamin E (soothes and moisturizes) to perfect the skin tone over time.Get it here.3. Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam ($20). With all the makeup we put on our faces and all the free radicals in the environment that just buzz about to and fro, we need a gentle yet effective cleanser to help rid the skin of every ounce of grime. Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam (which works fabulously with any Clarisonic, btw) deep cleans yet leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.Get it here.4. Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Sunscreen ($30). You should be wearing sunscreen year-round, but especially now that you’ll be out and about more often, you’ll need one that is easy to reapply throughout the day. Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Sunscreen won’t interfere with your makeup and is a cinch to apply with its brush applicator. It comes in two formulas: one for normal/dry skin and one for combo/oily skin. Just be light-handed or you run the risk of looking ghastly.Get it here.More Clinique… 5. Lighten up on your moisturizer. Winter typically calls for a heavier cream, but that could be too heavy on most skin types in warmer temps. Try a lotion or gel version of your favorite moisturizer to lighten up your load.Moisturizers to consider: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, $13-24.50 (oily/combo skin), Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Moisturizer, $45 (preventative/aging skin), Reviva Labs Ultra-Rich Moisturizer w/ vitamin C, $11 (dry skin). Also don’t forget the power of your nighttime moisturizer.What’s in your spring skincare bag this season?~Danielle

Rochelle Wiseman was spotted at the Mayfair Hotel in London, ready to kick off celebrations for her 23rd birthday. For her big day, she wore a $85 Sugarhill Boutique Kissing Swans Shift Dress:Her dress features a sheer green overlay, ruffled sleeves and a super cute and feminine swan print.Rochelle looks adorable! This dress definitely gives lots of leg, but you can wear it year-round, even with tights and over the knee boots.If you like it, buy it now as there is only one left at and low stock at some more dresses from the brand below.sugarhill boutique dressWhat do you think? Do you love Rochelle’s look?


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